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Lotus - Sacred and Divine

Lotus is often considered a sacred flower in India and is scientifically known as Nelumbonucifera. These flowers are often linked to Lord Buddha and is the national flower for both Vietnam and India. Lord Krishna is known as the lotus-eyed one in Hindu mythology while the flowers have also been seen with Goddess Lakshmi, Brahma and Lord Vishnu.

The lotus flowers are highly symbolic of grace and beauty and they mostly grow in creeks and ponds, lending them an aura of mysticity, charm and elegant. Lotus flowers often assume significance when used in religious ceremonies and other ritualistic occasions.

Types of Lotus

Generally there are three kinds of Lotus flowers:

White Lotus

The White Lotus flower is symbolic of purity and looks absolutely pristine. This is symbolic of the desire to achieve a warm soul and heart which is as beautiful as the white lotus flower. This flower is also associated with Goddess Saraswati. This represents untarnished purity for individuals.

Red Lotus

The red lotus is linked to compassion and love for everyone. The red lotus came from Persia to Egypt, captivating the citizens of the country forever!

Pink Lotus

A pink lotus that has opened completely is indicative of an individual who has succeeded in the attainment of a state of Nirvana. This is the true association with Lord Buddha and is also known as the Supreme Lotus flower. This lotus flower is also representative of hope.

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