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Peonies - Happy life and Happy Marriage

Peonies are traditionally Chinese floral symbols and they can be gifted to couples on their 12th wedding anniversary. Peonies are also popular as wedding flowers since they indicate prosperity and a happy marriage ahead. They have been used for several hundreds of years at weddings and also for artistic creations by Vincent Van Gogh, the iconic artist. Peonies can grow up to 10 inches in terms of width when they fully bloom. They have several meanings including good fortune, romance, compassion and honor. They can also indicate bashfulness.

Peonies may be named after the Greek physician for the Gods, Paeon. It may also be named after Paeonia, a beautiful nymph. Peonies are also symbolic of fertility and beauty in its diverse forms.

Types of Peony Flowers

There are various types kinds of Peony flowers i.e..

White/Pale Pink Peonies

These flowers indicate bashfulness and this may be a great option for saying sorry to someone or apologizing for embarrassing either another person or even yourself.

Pink Peonies

These peonies are considered highly romantic and are often used for table arrangements along with wedding bouquets. They are symbolic of passion, love and romance.

Deep Red Peonies

China has a special place for deep red peonies and it is the same story in Japan. These flowers are strongly linked to deep respect and honor. This also symbolizes prosperity and wealth in several cultures.

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